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Central Qld Apda Dance is an exciting, family friendly club, teaching the Australian Physie and Dance syllabus, in a safe, fun and motivating environment.

We challenge our students with new choreography each year, that helps to build self esteem, self confidence and sportsmanship.

In the ultimate combination of dance and sport, APDA provides the platform for students to be able to perform and compete individually and also as a part of a team.

Central Qld Apda Dance is the ONLY club in Central Queensland that teach the Apda Syllabus. This makes us the perfect place for you to start your dancing journey.


What is Physie & Dance?

APDA is a unique combination of multiple dance forms including contemporary, jazz, ballet and modern dance which is choreographed for girls and ladies of all ages.


"In a social and active environment we strive to achieve fitness, mental wellbeing and to support our members to obtain results at all competitions, at all levels."


Yeppoons ONLY Activity Provider

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