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Who Are We?



Central Qld Apda Dance was established in Yeppoon in 2015 by Odette & Jessica Shephard.  Having been involved with this amazing dance sport for the past 18 years, they decided that Girls and Women of Central Qld were missing out on a sport that offers more than just Dancing & Flexibility. Girls will embrace Sportsmanship, Friendship, Discipline and a whole lot of fun!! 


In the first 2 years of operations our club has had its first competitors. Placing's from Novice events at Inter-clubs to National Championship place getter at the Opera House in Sydney.  We are building a local club that caters for girls that want to 'just dance and have fun'. 

The club has now grown to over 45 members with ages ranging from 2.5yrs to 72yrs.  Our girls and ladies enjoy both the social and competition sides of Physie & Dance. 

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

What is Phsyie?

Physie and dance (or physical culture) is a uniquely Australian style of dance that incorporates many different genres of dance into professionally choreographed routines. 

The APDA syllabus has a strong focus on teaching correct dance technique across many styles of dance and the variety in the routines means that students never get bored. All routines in the APDA syllabus are choreographed by professional and qualified choreographers ensuring the safety and enjoyment of participants at every age and level.

Kindy Class Fun


The APDA syllabus incoporates modern dance, ballet, lyrical, stretch and strengthening exercises to support these movements.  The syllabus underpins the Association's vision to help students express their creativity through an innovative interpretation of movement and music.  The syllabus is reviewed annually to ensure that the Association's high standards are continually met and maintained

Students only need one club leotard/outfit to wear to class and no shoes. 


For performances, girls also wear no shoes and only one performance association leotard is required throughout the whole year.   


APDA does not get excessively more expensive as you get older or become more competitive.  No matter how old you are or how competitive you become, APDA is still only 1-2 lessons a week with only a few extra practices offered during the year.

Technique & Strength
Junior Dance Class
Club Uniform
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