In the 2-4 year olds class, we will teach the girls some basic dance routines, we focus on getting them moving and listening to the beat of the music and fine tuning coordination and gross motor skills. The girls will start to learn basic physie positions and dance technique however the focus is on movement and we play games and use props to enhance their learning and understanding of dance. 



In our junior classes the girls will learn 5 genres of dance in 7 different routines.  Combining Jazz, ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical and Physie.  Classes focus on learning the APDA syllabus which consists of seven routines, all of a different dance style, while building students confidence in moving to the music and employing correct dance technique. Learning the APDA syllabus requires development of good fitness, strength, balance and control and we have lots of techniques to help all students to advance their skills. Stretching to develop and increase basic flexibility is also a focus.

13-15yrs - 16yrs+ and Open Elite  

Seniors Classes caters all levels of Dance.  From the Novice to the experienced dancer.

Focusing on Flexibility, Technique and Stamina. You will be taken to a level and a format

of Dance that you have not ever experienced before.

Senior Dance

Ladies  18 +

Ladies classes cater for everyone from absolute beginners to the experienced dancer. If you would like to de-stress from the day and Clear the Mind and have some fun.  We have a great group of women of all ages, some who have never danced in their life, some who have not done dance in a while and some who just come along for the fitness and social side of physie.


Team competitions are a fantastic introduction to physie for girls and women of all ages. Teams consist of 8 girls or 6 ladies of the same age and are a lot of fun. 


 Competitions - Interclubs & Champion Girl

Competitions are without a doubt a highlight of the physie year and we encourage every member to give it a go.  Girls can compete from the age of 5 and Inter-clubs are fun for the whole club.  An Official APDA Leotard must be worn at any competition. For those who wish to compete, extra classes will be offered from the end of term 2.