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Become an Apda Dancer


For information on our 2023 Classes please Click the link below and we will send you an email

2023 Class Times
Term 1
Classes Resume
Tues 7th February

Class Times are subject to change





Class Fees Per Year

Central Qld Apda Dance has adopted the installment method for Class Fee, meaning no more Term fees! The result of this will make Dance more affordable for families, resulting in savings!!!

All Fees are Non-Refundable or Transferable

Kindy Class


$250 Per Year  + Registration

Payable in instalments

Apda Registration - $50 by 3rd class

7 March - $85

2 May - $82.50

25 July - $82.50

5yrs to Ladies 

$450 Per Year  + Registration

Payable in instalments

Apda Registration - $85 by 3rd class

7 March - $150

2 May - $150

25 July - $150


Pay your Class Fees in Full by 7 March and receive a 5% Discount.  $427.50 + Registration

* Discount only applies to payments made in full,

* 1st family member when there is more than 1 person as a full member

APDA Member Registration Fee 

APDA (Australian Physie and Dance Association) is our head association and each member is required to pay the annual registration fee. It is non-refundable or transferable.


The Fee is Payable by all members to APDA upon registration.  Pro-rata for members starting from Term 3.

# Registration form and Fee to be paid to APDA on or before 3rd Lesson (refer Apda Rules 7.1.22)

Terms and Conditions:

# 5yrs to Ladies Class Fees are set for 2 classes per week.  It is not cheaper to only attend 1 class. Fees are not refundable if you miss classes. 

# All Class fee's must be paid on or before set due date.


All Class fees will be invoiced directly to email address supplied on Registration Form. 

Class fee's are non-refundable or transferable  

At least one parent to be a member of the Central Qld Apda Dance (private) Facebook page.  This page is used for any and all correspondence and club and event updates

By Completing & Signing an Apda Member Registration Form you agree to the terms and conditions set out on the form and the term set about. 

Adhere to Apda's Code of Conduct. PDF can be found on the bottom of this page.

Our club performs at local shows and fundraisers during the year. If your daughter would like to perform in these events there will be an addition cost on top of the yearly  fees.

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